We are the Griffins, and here is some more info about us.

the Griffin Flap

7 mentors

5 and 1/2 robots*

13 current team members

12 awards

8 alumni

380+ hours outreach last year

Griff, our mascot

This is Griff. Griff actually isn't a real griffin, but she likes to think she is. She comes to all our competitions and outreaches (even achieving her goal of flying last season). Griff has even been on the news!

Current team members


Micah is 16 years old and is in tenth grade. He is homeschooled and enjoys playing volleyball and building and constructing anything he can get his hands on. In his free time he spends time with his puppy Mowgli. Micah is outreach lead. Micah joined FIRST because he liked Legos and when he heard they built robots with Legos, he thought it was cool!


Joshua is 17 years old and attending Horizon Prep. He enjoys music, dirtbiking, mechanical engineering, and eating. He plays the guitar. He has enjoyed learning the skiLLs for building a robot, including designing and building. Josh is business lead this year.


Thomas is 18 years old and is in 12th grade. He is homeschooled and likes listening to electronic music, computer graphics, playing volley ball, laughing, and eating. He plays the trombone and the triangle. This year Thomas is mechanical lead, and was a Dean's List semi finalist in 2016 and 2017. Thomas joined FIRST because his friends got him into it.


Nina is 17 and in 12th grade at Mission Bay High. She is currently involved in three different sports, as well as cello, academic league, and robotics. Nina enjoys writing in her nonexistent free time. Nina is the Team lead, and has enjoyed learning new skills such as how to bend metal. Nina was a Dean's List finalist in 2016. Nina joined FIRST because she watched an FTC competition when she was 5 and loved it!


Alex is 14 years old in 9th grade. He goes to Mission Bay. In his spare time, he likes to play soccer and build things. It is his second year doing FTC, but he has done FLL for four years. He is part of the build team and wants to learn more CAD. Alex joined FIRST because he wanted to get his hands on something other than Legos.


Andrew is 14 years old in 9th grade. He is homeschooled and part of a co-op. In his spare time he likes to mess around with his computer. This year Andrew is our notebook lead. It is his second year doing FTC, but has participated in FLL for the previous three years. During this time he made it to Regionals twice. This year he is part of the programming team and is really excited to learn a lot more about robotics. Andrew joined FIRST because he didn't know what it was and he thought it sounded fun.


Michael is 16 years old and a Junior in high school. He has been doing FLL for three years, and this is his second year in FTC. Social media and Safety leads, he oversees what gets shown on our social media and safety at meetings and at competitions. He is also the only member with two lead positions. He enjoys reading and discussing stories with fellow book enthusiasts.


Caden is 16 years old and in tenth grade. This is his second year in FTC, but he has been in FLL for three years before FTC. He is our 3-D printing lead this year. He enjoys playing chess and watching Doctor Who. Caden joined FIRST because he likes legos and robotics.


Chase is 13 years old and in seventh grade. This is his second year in FTC, but he has been in FLL for three years before FTC. He enjoys playing with Lego's and watching the Flash. Chase joined FIRST because Thomas told his mom about it and got him interested.


Elisa is 14 years old and in ninth grade. She is taking three online courses and does classes at two schools. Elisa enjoys camping, traveling, and playing with her friends. She is our drive coach and strategy lead. This is her second year in FTC.


Keiko is 13 years old and in eighth grade. She goes to Standley Middle School in University City, San Diego. This is her second year in FTC and she is on the programming team. This year she is our electrical lead. Her favorite subject in school is science. She enjoys reading, drawing, playing softball, and learning.


Stanley is 13 years old and in 9th grade. He enjoys playing video games, swimming, and working on things that can keep him engaged. He joined this team because he is interested in robotics and programming. Stanley joined FIRST because he was interested in robotics.


Aidan is 17 and attends Francis Parker. He is on the FRC team 2485 W.A.R. Lords as well as the Green Griffins, and also competes in science olympiad and teaches kenpo karate. He enjoys programming, playing guitar, and talking about himself in the third person in his free time. Aidan is Programming Lead. Aidan joined FIRST because there were a bunch of other people who liked robots.



Amanda was 17 years old and went to Francis Parker High School. She enjoyed playing tennis, sailing, working on History Day, and of course, robotics. Amanda has loved programming for the Green.Griffins;10092 and FRC Team 2485, the W. A. R. Lords.


Ara was 17 years old and in tenth grade when he left the team in 2018. This was his second year doing robotics. He enjoys listening to electronic music and likes to play volleyball. Ara was Programming and Business lead.


Audrey was a 15 year old programmer. She left the team in 2018. She goes to The Bishop’s School and is in 11th grade. She likes to play tennis, read, and write.


Ben has graduated and is attending the Air Force Academy. He enjoyed a variety of subjects including engineering, organ playing, volleyball, wearing hats, and anything techy. Oh, and Dr. Seuss books. Ben was mechanical lead on the team in its first year.


David has graduated and is attending Harvey Mudd. He was homeschooled and has been in FTC for the past four years. He enjoyed Christmas songs, Rubik's cubes, and various other puzzles and mind games. David was the Programming Lead and the Public Relations Lead, and the proud recipient of the San Diego FTC Achievement Scholarship.


Joshua was homeschooled and enjoys watching and playing basketball and tennis. He liked to play league of legends and trades Pokémon cards. He often mowed his grandmother’s lawn and enjoys petting cute puppies. He was also the Team Lead in the team's first season.


Nik enjoyed reading fiction novels, playing with his younger brother, and watching the news. He also participated in Science Olympiad and Science Fair. He played basketball and watches football with his family. He played the piano for his dog. He was the Outreach Lead.

*in the 2015-2016 season we built a robot that we only used for one competition. It had a shifting gearbox , but after the first competition, the gearbox was ruled to have too many degrees of freedom, so we decided on a complete redesign. This was a good lesson in making sure we check on the forums before we do anything we are unsure about. In the 2018-2019 Season we built a robot in one weekend and used it in our first competition as a test for the final robot.